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Service and Maintenance

Service and Maintenance

Jebco’s commercial maintenance plans provide for inspections and adjustments to keep the covered equipment operating properly. Our plans are customized to meet your business needs.

Commercial services include:

Check performance of all major components.

Lubricate moving parts as required.
Check refrigerant charges.
Purge refrigerant of air and non condensables.
Inspect for oil and refrigerant leaks.
Check operating and safety controls.
Check pressures and temperatures.
Inspect system pumps.
Inspect cooling tower.
Inspect condensers.
Inspect evaporators
Inspect evaporators
Megaohm motors.
Check belts and drives.
Check boilers and accessories.
Check temperature controls.
Tighten electrical connections at the equipment.
Test for proper amperages and voltages.
Inspect fans, motors and starters.
Refrigerant recovery and reclamation.
Full-Service Plans cover the following:
Gas furnace
Air conditioner
Evaporative cooler
Heat pump
Electric air cleaner
Hot water heater